Discover How to GET More Members & KEEP Them Longer

Master the Art of Building, Growing and Selling Powerful Membership Sites the Weekend Right After ICON with an Elite Group of Infusionsoft Users & the Memberium Team.


Who should attend the
Membership Summit?

  • If you want to transform your life and business.
  • If you want to stake your claim in the huge pool of recurring income that’s waiting out there for you.
  • If you want to stop chasing your tail and stop feeling burnt out all the time.
  • If you want to design the lifestyle of your dreams by building a membership site that creates recurring income for you, month in, month out...

Then the few minutes you spend reading this page may be some of the best you’ll spend on your business.

Here, at Memberium, we know that this really could be a reality for you.


Because we’ve seen it happen time and time again with our clients.

We’ve seen coaches, teachers, tutors and consultants who have been burned out and overwhelmed. We’ve seen them repackage their knowledge into a membership site using Memberium.

And we’ve seen their businesses and their income prosper.

And we’ve seen their lives prosper too.

No more chasing pay-check to pay-check.

No more overwhelm.

No more burnout.

Instead, stability. Reliable income that you can depend on every single month, all from your very own Membership Site.

Sound like a pipe-dream?

We can guarantee you, it isn’t.

We have seen the proof.

Memberium users are the proof.

Let’s Make This Your Reality Too...

Listen, we get it. Sometimes at the beginning, you can feel a little overwhelmed. You maybe could do with a little inspiration. A little motivation. Maybe even some hand-holding...

That’s why we hold the Membership Summit every year, directly after ICON.

To help you make this dream a reality.

To be there to give you inspiration, motivation.

But more importantly, to give you actionable guidance so you can get traction in record time and turn your membership site into a highly profitable, sustainable business.

Get Invaluable Guidance & Inspiration Right From The Membership Experts.

When it comes to building, running and growing membership sites, we’re proud to call ourselves experts.


Memberium has powered over 2,500 membership sites and supports over 3,500,00 members since its inception just two years ago.

Micah Mitchell, Memberium’s Co-Founder, has consulted with hundreds of leading Infusionsoft users and businesses build successful membership sites with Infusionsoft over the years.

We know what works. We know what doesn’t.

And here’s the thing...

We know that the same amount of time you might spend on making a one-time sale, is no less than making a recurring sale.


That’s right.

You will spend the same time and energy on making a single sale, as you would making a recurring sale.

It’s no wonder that big brands like Amazon, Google, and Adobe all embrace the membership model!

Food for thought. Right?

At this event we’re going to help you stake your claim in the huge pool of recurring income that’s waiting out there for you by showing you how to build and grow your membership site.

But before we delve into the event, let me tell you what you’re not going to get at this event…

  • This event is NOT a passive experience: This is a workshop. Not a seminar. We want you to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. So expect to work. And expect to get results.
  • This event is NOT packed full of fluff: You will receive actionable training on how to create a working membership site.
  • This event includes no pitches: You won’t be exposed to high-pressure pitches. Just 100% actionable training and guidance.
  • This event does NOT provide out-of-date training: All the information and guidance you’ll hear will be cutting edge, and what’s working, right now.

We can assure you of this one thing:

When you walk away from this event, you’ll walk away with some major membership site strategies and tactics that will move the needle on your business.

And you will leave the event knowing exactly how to move forward with your membership site so that you can finally turn your dream of a highly profitable and sustainable membership site into a reality.

Sound good?

When you consider the upside leverage you'll get from being able to create WORKING membership sites at will, it's not really a yes/no decision, it's simply whether or not you can be in Phoenix right after ICON 2018 because if you can, you know you need to right?

Click below to see more details and get registered soon because you can afford to make your membership site a "cash machine" for just a few hundred bucks.

(and reap the sweet rewards of automation like more time & energy back in your life)...


Speakers & Event Trainers

Learn and implement with leading Infusionsoft experts. The Memberium team and other Infusionsoft Certified Partners will also be on hand to help you implement throughout the event.


Micah Mitchell

Memberium Co-Founder
mmmastery.com / memberium.com

Micah Will Walk You Step-by-Step through Creating Your Own Successful Membership Site.

Over the past nine years, Micah has consulted with and helped hundreds of Infusionsoft users as well as pioneered many software add-on's, training courses and mastermind groups. Micah's worked with many of the biggest names in the Infusionsoft space and had as clients or partners the first 3 Ultimate Marketers.

Micah's never worked at Infusionsoft but started as a client of the software who later joined the very first group of Infusionsoft certified consultants and has been focused on delivering bigger & faster results ever since.

For a few years recently Micah worked specifically on larger businesses using Infusionsoft and learned what it takes to properly apply fast & effective internet marketing to bigger, and usually slower companies. Since then, he's been focusing on how to apply "big company" strategy & culture to smaller businesses to get them up to the next level.


Craig Jacobson

Serial Entrepreneur

Will be Sharing "Golden Nuggets" of Business-Building Tactics & Marketing Strategies.

Craig Jacobson (Duke MBA, Award winning Infusionsoft Consultant, reformed corporate marketer, enthusiastic small business owner and consultant) is the marketing strategist behind many marketing consultants/experts/authors. He is the co-founder of several bootstrap startups, a marketing automation expert and was the top Infusionsoft Certified Consultant in 2013.

Recent successes include a New York Times Bestseller campaign, $2MM+ of books, info products and Nutritional supplements in 3 months, bringing a bootstrap startup from $800 a week to $20,000 a week in 3 months (now a $3MM Business) and bringing a bootstrap startup from $50k annually to $4MM.

Craig comes from the mindset of a business owner. This means he doesn't like wasting time or money. He recently has implemented over 200 effective marketing systems. He is a hands-on on marketer focused on small business growth. He shares what is working now. He loves helping realize people’s dreams.


Mike Weiss

Serial Entrepreneur

Will be Showing You How to Create Irresistible Customer E-Learning Experiences With Memberium & Infusionsoft

Mike Weiss is the founder of Client Engagement Academy, The Client Engagement Membership Platform and Internet Sales Experts.

Mike is one of the top experts in online sales and marketing and client engagement. Mike's Client Engagement Membership Platform is leading the global movement utilizing modern technology and proven adult education methodologies to increase client engagement and course graduation rates.

Mike was a 2012 finalist for Infusionsoft’s Internet Marketer of the Year. He has consulted with some of the top small businesses, speakers, and clients such as Digital Marketer - Ryan Deiss, Brian Tracy, John Assaraf, Jon Benson, Alex Mandossian and many other small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Mike has consistently been on the leading edge of innovation, capitalizing on new trends in networking, Web 3.0, email, web based conversion, systems automation and video distribution.


Steve Linder

Executive Strategist and Master Neuro Strategist

After learning the power of personal choice and taking responsibility early-on in his career, Steve Linder has held many executive-level positions for organizations including the California State Department of Education, Charles Schwab, Bank of America, and E*TRADE. 


Linder left corporate America in 2001 to focus on helping others through Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) by founding Neuro Strategies International – branded worldwide as Strategic Brain. Since that time, Steve has worked to coach executives, professional athletes, celebrities, military leaders, parents, and coaching organizations around the world in NLP. 

He is highly sought after as a global thought-leader in the discipline and has among the highest certification standards in the world.

What Will You Get During These Two Days Of Amazing Membership Training?

Take a look at what we have lined up for you at the event, March 30th-31st, right after ICON 2018 in Phoenix...


Develop A Winning Membership Strategy
For Your Business

To start a successful membership site, you need to start off with a great strategic plan. The first day we'll focus on developing a winning membership strategy for your site through a combination of exercises, worksheets and planning that we'll guide you through during the event.

Walk away from the event with a full strategic plan to launch your membership site or grow an existing one.


Find Out How To Outsmart your Competition & Dominate Your Market

Figuring how to compete successfully against your competition is important for your business to be successful and is often overlooked.

Discover how to a competitive analysis of your market and develop a plan to give your competition a run for their money through a lecture + exercises with marketing legend Craig Jacobson.

Discover How To Build &
Grow Profitable Membership Sites

Once we have your strategic plan, we'll teach you how to develop your pricing strategy, plan out how you're going to create your content and create a sustainable plan to grow/improve your membership site over time.

Learn from our years of experience in building successful membership sites and discover how to apply the same strategies to your business.

Implement 4 Infusionsoft Campaigns We'll Give You + Much More!

Unlike other events, the Summit isn't just about learning. It's a combination of learning, planning exercises and lots of implementation.

We'll push 4 proven Infusionsoft campaigns into your app right before the event that can run your entire membership site. We'll guide you through how to set them up and implement them at lightning speed.

Here’s A Peek At The Summit’s Agenda…
While this year's schedule is still being finalized, here's last year's schedule to help give you an idea of what you can expect during the event...

Friday Morning - March 30th, 2018
Get Pumped & Learn Everything About Membership Sites
8:00 am Welcome, review schedule, hand out work books, getting ready exercise, form teams. (get in the right mindset to learn & mastermind, optimize your experience)
8:15 am Introduce yourself to the group (get to know everyone)
9:00 am B-RAM Goals, Benefits, Reasons & Motivations (set your goals for the workshop)
9:30 am Content Planning Exercise (get your content all laid out and in order)
10:30 am E-Learning (using an LMS to deliver your content & increase the value of your information, timing, testing)
11:30 am Membership Models (see examples of memberships sites, look and feel, multi-media)
12:00 pm Lunch (go with your group, share your ideas about content & delivery)
Friday Afternoon - March 30th, 2018
Build & Test Your Membership Site
1:30 pm Pricing Models (find out how to price your product, how & when to bill for it and how to extend customer value)
2:00 pm Mastermind Discussion w/Your Team (get feedback on your content, delivery and pricing to hone it in)
3:00 pm Put Your Plan Into Action (create products/subscriptions in Infusionsoft, create membership levels, create pages & page structure)
4:15 pm Automate It (create Infusionsoft campaign, create login & logout on your membership site)
5:30 pm Test Your Site (learn how to test properly and have your neighbor test it for you as well while you test theirs)
6:00 pm Review of the Day, Prep for Tomorrow (share top learning, get homework for tomorrow morning)
6:30 pm Go to Dinner (for vip's dinner & mastermind w/Memberium team)
Saturday Morning - March 31st, 2018
Mind-Melting Sales & Marketing with Craig Jacobson
8:00 am Group Share (share what you learned yesterday, 1 from each team)
8:15 am Elevator Pitch with a Twist (give us your pitch BUT, you'll have to make it pretty good cause there's a big twist)
9:15 am Writing Emotional Headlines (then get your headlines reviewed by your team, learn how to test them & drill down for the best)
10:00 am Mobile First (how to make your site mobile & why, totally mind-blowing, get mobile-ready)
11:00 am Workshop: Competitive Analysis & Creating a Mobile Order Form (use Craig's tools)
12:00 pm Lunch (go with your group, share your ideas about content & delivery, this prepares you for the mastermind at 2:00pm)
Saturday Afternoon - March 31st, 2018
Adding Referral Partners & Traffic to Feed the Beast
1:00 pm Creating Your Affiliate Program in Infusionsoft (learn affiliate messaging & basics then create commissions & links)
1:45 pm Creating Your Affiliate Center in Your Membership Site (create signup page, create resource pages, automate with campaign)
3:00 pm Other Traffic Sources for Your Membership Site (PPC, SEO, Social & how to wrap affiliates into these)
4:00 pm Tying it All Together (creating a plan to launch & go forward with your membership site)
4:30 pm Closing Ceremony (wrapping up what you've learned, saying goodbye)
5:00 pm Implementation Time + 1-on-1 Help (for anyone who wants to get 1-on-1 help with Infusionsoft or spend time more time implementing)
6:30 pm Drinks & Implementation Time (celebrate your hard work and get 1-on-1 help from the Memberium Team)

For Each Section Of The Event You’ll Get To:

  • Complete a worksheet that Contributes to Your Strategic Plan
  • Breakout In Teams to Discuss Your Decisions / Get Feedback
  • Share Big “Ah Hah!” Ideas & Moments From Each Team w/ Group
  • Complete Your Worksheet With All Your Info In Mind
  • Implement Your Plan In Infusionsoft & Your Website
  • Share Your Implementation for Feedback & Testing
  • Take Your Worksheet Back With You to Keep Improving

As an Added Bonus You'll Walk Away With Four Complete Infusionsoft Campaigns

You'll get 4 Infusionsoft campaigns pushed into your app right before the event that will help you run your membership site and business automatically. These campaigns will help you run your team, collect leads, sell your membership program and fulfill new memberships. Once you know what to do, you can instantly start implementing in your Infusionsoft app quickly using the pre-built, proven Infusionsoft campaigns that you'll get.

Meet Like-Minded
Membership Site Owners

You’ll find that the training and guidance are amazing value in and of itself. But that’s perhaps the tip of the iceberg...

Running your own membership site can get kind of lonely, especially if you’re a Solopreneur and/or working from home.

At the summit, you will be surrounded by other like-minded membership site owners who are on the same journey. There will be beginners, intermediate and even advanced membership site owners there.

Everyone at the event will be assigned to a small team. And you’ll take part in structured brainstorming and short ‘masterminding’ exercises that are bound to open your eyes to the possibilities for your membership site.

We’ve always found that the event’s atmosphere is always positive and friendly. So we’re sure you’ll come away with new connections (and even make some great friends there). People who will understand your journey as a membership site owner, because they are owners themselves.

So in addition to implementing, and walking away with actionable tactics and strategies, you may even find an accountability partner or end up forming your own Membership Site mastermind with other like-minded owners!



See what past attendees had to say about their experience at the last Membership Summit...

Chris Lee

Bernardo Feitosa

MaryKay Morgan

Duff Gardner

Dr. Josh Saterlee

Jacqui Mann

Daniel Barber

Jillian Rosich

This Isn’t Your Typical Marketing Seminar or Event...

If you’ve ever been to a seminar or event, you’ll know that you tend to walk away feeling motivated with lots of ideas floating around in your head.

Well, at first you do anyway.

But how much do you eventually implement?

20%? 10%? Nada?

That ain’t gonna happen here! We want you to get results!

At this Summit, there will be plenty of time for you to implement the powerful strategies and tactics that we cover in the Summit.

Each comes in the form of a campaign and its parts, so you can almost get it all done there. Or if you prefer, you can make the modifications to your existing membership site, before you leave.

You'll also walk away from the event with a full strategic plan to launch your membership site or grow your existing one.

The result?

Well… results!

After all, isn’t that what you want?


Your Summit Bonuses

After reserving your seat, you'll be able to prepare for the event with MMMastery Infusionsoft Training and start building your membership site with a free temporary Memberium license that's included as an added bonus.


Pre-Event Training: MMMastery Infusionsoft Training
Get 8 Months of Access Starting Immediately - $776 Value

To prepare yourself for the event, you'll get immediate access to our MMMastery Infusionsoft training program and access to last year's Membership Summit event recordings.

MMMastery training will reveal everything you need to know about how to use Infusionsoft through nine easy to follow video modules.

MMMastery is a thorough online training program we've developed after working with top Infusionsoft users, leading internet marketers & 100’s of successful Infusionsoft based businesses over the years.

After taking the training, you'll be able to hit the ground running at the event with Infusionsoft and get a ton of implementation done at the event.

PLUS as an extra bonus you'll be able to invite up to 5 of your employees or team members to take the same training so they can also learn how to Master Infusionsoft for your business.

event recordings
Post-Event Training: 6 Months Access to the Event Recordings
Get Immediate Access - $297 Value

To help make sure you get the most amount of value out of the event, you'll be able to revisit all of the event sessions for a full six months after the event.

The entire event will be professionally filmed and recorded. Immediately after it will be broken up into high-quality bite-sized videos that will be easy to watch.

Right after the event, you'll get access to all of the event recordings so you'll be able re-watch the parts that you enjoyed or revisit any session from the event, anytime, from any device.

Events On Jackson, Downtown Phoenix

This year's Membership Summit will be held at 'Events on Jackson', downtown Pheonix' newest venue that combines a world class, high-tech event space with the charm of the historic building it's located in. Events on Jackson is right within close walking distance from the Hyatt Regency Phoenix, the Sheraton and the Phoenix Convention Center.


So Heres the Catch...

This event is fairly expensive. We know that. But it’s expensive for a reason...

You see, we have limited seats available. And we pride ourselves in the results that our attendees get by attending our annual Summits.

That means that we only want serious membership site owners to attend.

We welcome you with open arms, whether you’re just ‘dreaming up’ your membership site and about to get started, or you have a membership site already. But if you don’t want to work, and get some actual results from the event, then we’d rather you didn’t attend.


This is a serious workshop for membership site owners (old and new) who want to get some serious work done so that they can get some serious results. Period.

So if that’s you, then register now to ensure you’ll be scaling your membership site to new levels of recurring income in 2018!

We’ll see you at the Summit!

To your success,

Memberium Co-Founder

Discover Strategies Only Previously Shared With Elite Clients

This event will give you the same proven infusionsoft strategies & guidance that was previously only given to our elite clients & students over the years.

Mark Victor Hansen
Best Selling Author of the 'Chicken Soup For The Soul' Series

Bob Britton
Entrepreneur and Past 'Infusionsoft Ultimate Marketer' of the Year MarketingAutomationGroup.com

John Assaraf
Serial Entrepreneur
and CEO of Neurogym

Dobbin Buck
VP of Business Development
at Getuwired





Sorry, Registration Has Now Closed...

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Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed at the Membership Implementation Summit!

If you’re not satisfied with the event after attending the first day, you can ask for a FULL REFUND that day and we'll refund your ticket and you'll be able to keep the event bonuses for free.


Frequently Asked Questions


What's included with the event ticket?

Admittance to the event (March 30-31st, 2018) and access to all event materials (ticket does not include travel, hotel or food).


Who is this event for?
  • ICPs, Membership Site Owners, Consultants of any kind, Webmasters & Marketing Managers
  • Anyone with an interest in building automated, membership sites with Infusionsoft.


Why should you attend this event?
  • To Get Your Membership Site Properly Planned, Up & Running
  • To Get an Existing Membership Site to Convert & Retain Better
  • To Be Able to Build Membership Sites for Other People That Work


What will be discussed throughout the event? What is the event agenda?

We're focused on implementing a membership site with the marketing and lead generation components within Infusionsoft and WordPress using Memberium (which you get free along with your bonus access to MMMastery Infusionsoft training).

Each of the important components will be covered in part lecture, part small-team exercise and part large group share. Once you've completed your worksheet for each section, you'll be given time to implement it in Infusionsoft and work on your Membership Site.

You can read the full schedule above, but it's a somewhat holistic approach to membership sites. We start with strategy planning, then go into content, positioning, pricing, delivery, lead generation & sales.

Since you can do so much with Infusionsoft, now you can do most of that in your membership site so you'll build a referral partner program within your site, you'll create sales copy and teasers within your site, and you'll put out lead-magnet type memberships in your site at the front end. On top of that, you can publish content to the public for SEO and use it to attract customers (this includes your teasers for paid memberships).


Are travel or hotel expenses included?

Nope, sorry. If you're coming out to ICON, you can make the most of your existing travel expenses from attending this event right after.


Will the event be recorded?

Yes, but only a small portion of it because the group interaction and exercises will be so important.


What should I bring to the event?

Your laptop, your notebook and pens, lots of good cheer and you will need to have gone through the first several modules of the membership site.

Of course, having an idea of what you're doing and as much fore-knowledge of Infusionsoft as possible will help. This is not a beginner's event. If you're a beginner, then you really need to study the membership site materials and MMMastery training (included with your ticket) before coming.


Do you offer group discounts for the event?

Yes, please contact us and tell us about your party so we can create a custom package for you.

If you're ready to design the lifestyle of your dreams by building a membership site that creates recurring income for you, month in, month out then...