What Will You Get During These Two Days Of Amazing Membership Training?

Take a look at what we have lined up for you, right after ICON 2018, June 23rd-24th, 2018 at Infusionsoft's headquarters...


Develop A Winning Membership Strategy
For Your Business

To start a successful membership site, you need to start off with a great strategic plan. The first day we'll focus on developing a winning membership strategy for your site through a combination of exercises, worksheets and planning that we'll guide you through during the event.

Walk away from the event with a full strategic plan to launch your membership site or grow an existing one.


Find Out How To Outsmart your Competition & Dominate Your Market

Figuring how to compete successfully against your competition is important for your business to be successful and is often overlooked.

Discover how to a competitive analysis of your market and develop a plan to give your competition a run for their money through a lecture + exercises with marketing legend Craig Jacobson.

Discover How To Build &
Grow Profitable Membership Sites

Once we have your strategic plan, we'll teach you how to develop your pricing strategy, plan out how you're going to create your content and create a sustainable plan to grow/improve your membership site over time.

Learn from our years of experience in building successful membership sites and discover how to apply the same strategies to your business.

Implement 4 Infusionsoft Campaigns We'll Give You + Much More!

Unlike other events, the Summit isn't just about learning. It's a combination of learning, planning exercises and lots of implementation.

We'll push 4 proven Infusionsoft campaigns into your app right before the event that can run your entire membership site. We'll guide you through how to set them up and implement them at lightning speed.

Here’s A Peek At The Summit’s Agenda…
While this year's schedule is still being finalized, here's last year's schedule to help give you an idea of what you can expect during the event...

Saturday Morning - June 23rd, 2018
Get Pumped & Learn Everything About Membership Sites
8:00 am Welcome, review schedule, hand out work books, getting ready exercise, form teams. (get in the right mindset to learn & mastermind, optimize your experience)
8:15 am Introduce yourself to the group (get to know everyone)
9:00 am B-RAM Goals, Benefits, Reasons & Motivations (set your goals for the workshop)
9:30 am Content Planning Exercise (get your content all laid out and in order)
10:30 am E-Learning (using an LMS to deliver your content & increase the value of your information, timing, testing)
11:30 am Membership Models (see examples of memberships sites, look and feel, multi-media)
12:00 pm Lunch (go with your group, share your ideas about content & delivery)
Saturday Afternoon - June 23rd, 2018
Build & Test Your Membership Site
1:30 pm Pricing Models (find out how to price your product, how & when to bill for it and how to extend customer value)
2:00 pm Mastermind Discussion w/Your Team (get feedback on your content, delivery and pricing to hone it in)
3:00 pm Put Your Plan Into Action (create products/subscriptions in Infusionsoft, create membership levels, create pages & page structure)
4:15 pm Automate It (create Infusionsoft campaign, create login & logout on your membership site)
5:30 pm Test Your Site (learn how to test properly and have your neighbor test it for you as well while you test theirs)
6:00 pm Review of the Day, Prep for Tomorrow (share top learning, get homework for tomorrow morning)
6:30 pm Go to Dinner (for vip's dinner & mastermind w/Memberium team)
Sunday Morning - June 24th, 2018
Mind-Melting Sales & Marketing with Craig Jacobson
8:00 am Group Share (share what you learned yesterday, 1 from each team)
8:15 am Elevator Pitch with a Twist (give us your pitch BUT, you'll have to make it pretty good cause there's a big twist)
9:15 am Writing Emotional Headlines (then get your headlines reviewed by your team, learn how to test them & drill down for the best)
10:00 am Mobile First (how to make your site mobile & why, totally mind-blowing, get mobile-ready)
11:00 am Workshop: Competitive Analysis & Creating a Mobile Order Form (use Craig's tools)
12:00 pm Lunch (go with your group, share your ideas about content & delivery, this prepares you for the mastermind at 2:00pm)
Sunday Afternoon - June 24th, 2018
Adding Referral Partners & Traffic to Feed the Beast
1:00 pm Creating Your Affiliate Program in Infusionsoft (learn affiliate messaging & basics then create commissions & links)
1:45 pm Creating Your Affiliate Center in Your Membership Site (create signup page, create resource pages, automate with campaign)
3:00 pm Other Traffic Sources for Your Membership Site (PPC, SEO, Social & how to wrap affiliates into these)
4:00 pm Tying it All Together (creating a plan to launch & go forward with your membership site)
4:30 pm Closing Ceremony (wrapping up what you've learned, saying goodbye)
5:00 pm Implementation Time + 1-on-1 Help (for anyone who wants to get 1-on-1 help with Infusionsoft or spend time more time implementing)
6:30 pm Drinks & Implementation Time (celebrate your hard work and get 1-on-1 help from the Memberium Team)

For Each Section Of The Event You’ll Get To:

  • Complete a worksheet that Contributes to Your Strategic Plan
  • Breakout In Teams to Discuss Your Decisions / Get Feedback
  • Share Big “Ah Hah!” Ideas & Moments From Each Team w/ Group
  • Complete Your Worksheet With All Your Info In Mind
  • Implement Your Plan In Infusionsoft & Your Website
  • Share Your Implementation for Feedback & Testing
  • Take Your Worksheet Back With You to Keep Improving

As an Added Bonus You'll Walk Away With Four Complete Infusionsoft Campaigns

You'll get 4 Infusionsoft campaigns pushed into your app right before the event that will help you run your membership site and business automatically. These campaigns will help you run your team, collect leads, sell your membership program and fulfill new memberships. Once you know what to do, you can instantly start implementing in your Infusionsoft app quickly using the pre-built, proven Infusionsoft campaigns that you'll get.