2017 Summit – Meet Other Membership Site Owners

Meet Like-Minded
Membership Site Owners

You’ll find that the training and guidance are amazing value in and of itself. But that’s perhaps the tip of the iceberg...

Running your own membership site can get kind of lonely, especially if you’re a Solopreneur and/or working from home.

At the summit, you will be surrounded by other like-minded membership site owners who are on the same journey. There will be beginners, intermediate and even advanced membership site owners there.

Everyone at the event will be assigned to a small team. And you’ll take part in structured brainstorming and short ‘masterminding’ exercises that are bound to open your eyes to the possibilities for your membership site.

We’ve always found that the event’s atmosphere is always positive and friendly. So we’re sure you’ll come away with new connections (and even make some great friends there). People who will understand your journey as a membership site owner, because they are owners themselves.

So in addition to implementing, and walking away with actionable tactics and strategies, you may even find an accountability partner or end up forming your own Membership Site mastermind with other like-minded owners!