2015 Membership Implementation Event Bio’s

Speakers / Event Trainers

Micah Mitchell
Head Membership Site Trainer

Will Walk You Step-by-Step through Creating Your Own Successful Membership Site

Over the past 9 years Micah has consulted with and helped hundreds of Infusionsoft users as well as pioneered many software add-on's, training courses and masterminds. Micah's worked with many of the biggest names in the Infusionsoft space and had as clients or partners the first 3 Ultimate Marketers.

Micah's never worked at Infusionsoft but started as a client of the software who later joined the very first group of Infusionsoft certified consultants and has been focused on delivering bigger & faster results ever since.

For a few years recently Micah worked specifically on larger businesses using Infusionsoft and learned what it takes to properly apply fast & effective internet marketing to bigger, and usually slower companies. Since then, he's been focusing on how to apply "big company" strategy & culture to smaller businesses to get them up to the next level.

Craig Jacobson
Adviser to MMMastery/Memberium

Will be Sharing "Golden Nuggets" of Business-Building & Marketing Wisdom Each Day
(we're so excited he's coming, you will be too!)

Craig Jacobson (Duke MBA, Award winning Infusionsoft Consultant, reformed corporate marketer, enthusiastic small business owner and consultant) is the marketing strategist behind many marketing consultants/experts/authors. He is co-founder of several bootstrap startups, a marketing automation expert and The Top Infusionsoft Certified Consultant in 2013.

Recent successes include a New York Times Bestseller campaign, $2MM+ of books, info products and Nutritional supplements in 3 months, bringing a bootstrap startup from $800 a week to $20,000 a week in 3 months (now a $3MM Business) and bringing a bootstrap startup from $50k annually to $4MM.

Craig comes from the mindset of a business owner. This means he doesn't like wasting time or money. He recently has implemented over 200 effective marketing systems. He is a hands-on on marketer focused on small business growth. He shares what is working now. He loves helping realize people’s dreams.